Ophthalmic optics creates industry navigator

Trend Radar by opti: helping to shape the future

Diving into the future of the ophthalmic optics sector: opti is calling on ophthalmic opticians and the industry, nationally and internationally, to create an optics Trend Radar through a joint trend assessment. The results will be presented in Munich in January.

opti Trendradar Augenoptik-Branche im Blick c GHM
Keeping an eye on the trends in ophthalmic optics: This is what the Trend Radar by opti aims to achieve for the sector (Photo: opti / GHM)

According to opti, the Trend Radar is intended to provide ophthalmic optics with a comprehensive basis for identifying relevant trends at an early stage and working towards a successful future in a targeted manner. Developed in cooperation with the innovation and strategy consultancy Trendone GmbH from Hamburg and selected industry experts, focused on the needs of the ophthalmic optics sector by specialist ophthalmic editors and evaluated by the entire industry, the Trend Radar thus promises clear added value for the entire opti family.


“Companies have to keep pace and, where possible, be a decisive step ahead. That is why it is important for every industry participant to realistically assess the technological, societal and social developments specific to the optics. What will come, how and when? These are the questions that the Trend Radar should answer! For this, it needs the assessment of the trends by as broad a mass as possible!” This is the view of Cathleen Kabashi, the new Director of opti in Munich, who wants to use the Trend Radar to take a look at the future of the industry and set new standards within the international trade fair scene.

What is the Trend Radar?

The trend assessment is a comprehensive survey on a total of 31 trends. The evaluation of these trends by the entire optical industry in the coming weeks and months forms the basis for the optics Trend Radar, which is intended to make current and future demands on the optical industry visible.

The participation of opticians, association experts, industry representatives and all those working in the optical industry is of decisive importance. “The more industry heads participate with their knowledge in the creation of the opti Trend Radar, the better! We have the chance to create an industry navigator for all those active in ophthalmic optics – as a guarantee to be and remain competitive in these rapidly changing times,” says Mirjam Rösch, Chairwoman Consumer Optics of Spectaris (Berlin).

opti Trendradar Zukunft Augenoptik-Branche c GHM
Take a look at the future of ophthalmic optics with the opti Trend Radar – and thus be able to assess it better: The industry is called upon to evaluate trends (Image: opti / GHM)

Kabashi adds: “The results of the Trend Radar will be published by us and benefit the entire industry. They serve as a concrete compass for action for both opticians and the industry. In addition, the identified trends will be staged, discussed, lived at opti, which will strengthen the further development and relevance of the trade fair for all participants!”

Through their participation, the experts shaped the Trend Radar into a concrete compass for action for opticians and industry representatives alike. Following the anonymous evaluations, the results will be processed in a trend report, which will be made available to the entire industry in visual and textual form.

Which trends are highlighted?

The Trend Radar highlights 31 macro trends, each of which can be assigned to one of a total of five fields of action – work & culture, digitalisation & technology, communication & operations, values & sustainability as well as eye health & new markets (as an ophthalmic optics special trend). Each field of action contains six to seven macro trends to be evaluated. Topics ranging from “Active Ageing” to “Zero Waste”, “Smart Materials” to “Myopia Management” or “Smart Glasses” are scrutinised by the evaluators.

opti: Timing and participation

There is also a direct reward: among all participants, the opti team is giving away free tickets (every third participation) and a free drink in the VIP lounge (every tenth participation) as well as free tickets for the entire company (every 50th participation) for the opti taking place in January 2024 (from 12 to 14 January 2024 in Munich), where the results of the optics Trend Radar will be shown, animated and discussed live. More info at

Active participation in the trend evaluation is possible until 30 September 2023 for opticians, association experts, industry representatives and all those working in the field of optics.

Trend Radar link to the assessment (in English)


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