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KBL Eyewear Pure Classic

In time for the 2016 Silmo Paris, KBL Eyewear now presents the new “KBL Pure Classic” line. Inspired by the great classics and icons of the 70s and 80s, the “KBL Pure Classic” line’s design basks in timeless elegance and great attention to detail. Frames and bridges are made entirely of titanium to ensure maximum quality and comfort. A particular highlight of the collection is the groove milled into the titanium frame and highlighted with color.

The “KBL Pure Classic” line includes six optical models and four sunglasses that invoke the names of legendary actors: Newman (Paul Newman), The Grant (Cary Grant) and Lancaster (Burt Lancaster).


2016 / 2017 KBL Eyewear Collection

The current KBL Eyewear collection, made of Italian acetate and Japanese titanium, once again reflects the brand’s unmistakable “Bohemian Lifestyle” and includes a large choice of shades and optical models. New polarizing lenses for sunglasses from Japan in particular enable high-contrast vision, even in very sunny conditions. The unmistakable characteristic of the acetate glasses remains the hinge system developed by KBL Eyewear, as well as the brand’s signature Empire State Building set in the temple and the KBL signature mark on the temple tip. Metropolises and artists’ quarters all over the world embodying the KBL Eyewear brand lifestyle inspired the names of the individual designs (Barrios, Stiltsville, etc.).

We take inspiration from everything we love.” That has to be the most beautiful declaration of love that eyewear label KBL could make. The innovative eyewear brand, Kind of Bohemian Lifestyle, was founded in New York in 2009 with its first collection of sunglasses. In 2011, Ralph Albrecht invested in KBL; since then, he has been giving KBL the benefit of his sales experience and setting the tone for design and product development.

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