Award ceremony in Paris

The winners of the 29th SILMO d’Or

For the 29th time, the SILMO d’Or was awarded on the occasion of SILMO in Paris. The winners of the ten categories of design and innovation, announced on September 24, 2022 at the exhibition center, come from all over the world. In addition, the first class prize and a special jury prize were still awarded.

Silmo d'Or Paris 2022: Preisverleihung
SILMO d’Or Paris 2022: the award ceremony (Image: SILMO)

The winners of the SILMO d’Or

Children’s eyewear category: Odette Lunettes


Odette Lunettes from Belgium entered the race with its Cadet 1 model, the first in a 3D-printed collection designed for children between the ages of 8 and 12. Cadet 1 is a prescription frame with a solar clip that snaps together like a construction game to make wearing the glasses more fun. “Working in 3D allows Odette Lunettes to push the boundaries of traditional eyewear techniques while using a material that is ideal for children because of its strength, flexibility and great ecological qualities.”

Sports Eyewear Category: Out Of

The Bot sunglasses from Out Of, Italy, are able to adjust their tint to the ambient light in less than a second, without the need for batteries, and cover any tint between 17% and 42% of transmission. The glass consists of a solar cell that powers a chip and a special LC film. The chip constantly works to adjust the tint of the LC film to the light conditions. “With our technology, we are able to use only the energy that comes from the sun, creating an image that is uniform and without distortion.”

Category Vision (Lenses / KL): Shamir

Metaform from Shamir (Israel) is “a breakthrough and environmentally friendly manufacturing technology that raises the mechanical and physical properties of eyeglass lenses, such as strength, weight and thickness, to unprecedented levels. Metaform is also revolutionizing the AR coating process.” A single step for a faster, more cosmetic, reliable and durable result: up to 18 times stronger lenses than required by the FDA (break resistance); up to 40% thinner and lighter than conventional lenses (at minus values); durable and aesthetic coating with significantly reduced Newton rings; fast and environmentally friendly production (up to 80% more energy efficient).

Silmo d'Or Preis 2022 - Shamir
SILMO d’Or Award 2022 for Shamir Metaform (Image: SILMO)

Low Vision Category: VoxiWeb

VoxiVision from France-based VoxiWeb is based on AI and is capable of reading any type of text on any medium and in many languages. With its focused innovations, VoxiVision redefines the reading machine, at an affordable price: Ultra-reliable and fast text recognition (< 1 s); Handwriting recognition; HQ speech synthesis; Automatic reading; Fully controllable by speech or with simple hand gestures; Truly portable and usable anywhere; Translator, intelligent extraction, spelling.

Category Prescription Frame “Brands & Labels”: De Rigo

The Philipp Plein VPP081 model by De Rigo, Italy: bold model in exclusive acetate with marble effect, iconic element of the brand, in 3 color variations. Geometrically shaped faceted front and large temples with gold metal effect.

Sunglasses “Brands & Labels” category: ADCL

ADCL (France) with the model CL5108 of the brand Christian Lacroix: With these women’s sunglasses you can enter the dreamlike world of C. Lacroix. A true patchwork of shapes and colors offers an original design with an oversized acetate front and thin, wavy stainless steel temples with Lacroix signature. “The traditional acetate frame is unique, offering a subtle blend of geometric and floral patterns for a colorful, feminine and elegant look.”

Sunglasses “Eyewear Designer” Category: Masahiro Maruyama

Model Kintsugi MM-0078: The design of the model by Masahiro Maruyama from Japan features the irregular lines of the Japanese pottery art Kintsugi, whose method makes broken pottery beautiful again. The lines created by Kintsugi bring new space to the frames. Kintsugi also expresses the spirit of Wabi Sabi, the outer beauty of Wabi Sabi and the spirit of finding beauty. The front line passing like lightning gives an elegant yet bold impression.

Category prescription frame “Eyewear designer”: Kirk & Kirk

Made in France, the Kirk & Kirk (UK) collection is the only collection in the world handcrafted from acrylic. Composed of two complementary colors, the Thor frame in Citrus from the Centiles collection is so light, despite its thickness and presence, that it weighs almost nothing and is a real pleasure to wear. The Thor model brings a vintage touch of the 80s in a hyper-modern style.

Technological Innovation Eyewear Category: Phibo Eyewear x So’Class

Phibo Eyewear and So’Class from France present the “1.618 O” series. The eyewear is the first of its kind to feature the “Inside” temple ends developed by Phibo Eyewear. “The ergonomic shape and unique design of this revolutionary fastening system, made of biocompatible silicone rubber, give the eyewear exceptional support and prevent slippage under all circumstances.”

Connected Products Category: Skugga Technology AB

Skugga Technology AB of Sweden presents an integrated platform based on a patented module that enables communication and data exchange (position, temperature, humidity, VOC components, uva/uvb exposure, call notification/alarms, etc.) between glasses and smartphone/cloud with complete integrity of personal data (privacy).

SILMO d'Or Awards 2022
SILMO d’Or Awards 2022 (Image: SILMO)

Extra categories of the SILMO d’Or

Special Jury Award: New Construction

As part of this year’s Special Edition “Transition”, the Neubau models Xenon and Neon present themselves with futuristic design, mirrored lenses and a contrasting color scheme. But it’s not just the look that makes these sunglasses from Austria futuristic. They are also made with state-of-the-art sustainable technologies. Each pair of glasses is 3D printed using the brand’s own 100% plant-based material, natural3D. The finishing touch is a linear titanium element, a fascinating detail that adds a colorful accent.

Neubau T661 Xenon 9440 black white
Special Jury Prize at SILMO d’Or 2022: Neubau T661 Xenon 9440 (Image: Neubau)

First Class Prize: Parasite Design

Intended as facial jewelry, the structure of the Karma frames by Parasite of France disguise and accentuate the appearance of their “wearer.” “Combined with jewelry, it becomes a unique piece that is halfway between glasses and face jewelry.” The frame can be combined with different sizes and elements: Necklace, earrings, pendants, bracelets and face jewelry. The multitude of combination possibilities creates special ornaments in line with the emerging trend of face jewelry. Karma is part of a futuristic approach to luxury and jewelry.


Source: SILMO


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