Replacement for the existing shop

New Mykita Shop Paris opened in Le Marais

Mykita opens a new shop on a quiet street in Le Marais. The district with its dizzying network of winding streets and small lanes exudes both old-world charm and the buzz of contemporary creative culture. Nestled among the petite cafés and pastry shops on this narrow city lane, the high-tech aesthetic of the shop front provides an eye-catching contrast.

The floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall of the shop entrée first catches the eye of passers-by. Here the highlights from the new collections are presented on an arrangement of free-floating shelves. Once inside the shop, the novelties wall extends into the signature white Mykita Wall, which curves to cover the far end of the elongated, rectangular room. The natural stonewall exterior continues partway inside the shop where concrete flooring meets with two custom-made stainless steel tables and additional sleek furniture pieces in blue grey – a visual reference to the façade of the same colour. This harmonising interplay of colour and texture displays the brand’s passion for surface and materials.


Replacing the existing one, the new Mykita Shop Paris carries all optical and sunglass collections by the Berlin brand, including the covetable designer collaborations with Bernhard Willhelm, Damir Doma and Maison Margiela.

Source: Mykita

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