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CooperVision: New Website Highlights Sustainability Efforts

(Pleasanton, California/USA) – CooperVision has launched a new website that highlights its sustainability efforts around the globe. Available at, the data and stories profile multiple environmental initiatives focused on saving water, conserving energy; reducing, reusing and recycling resources; and empowering people within the company and the communities in which it operates.

Nachhaltigkeit bei der Produktion


The public-facing outreach is believed to be the first from any major contact lens manufacturer. “Our goal is simple: do better every day. Attaining that comes from the enduring drive of our people and partners worldwide to minimize our environmental impact,” said Fernando Torre, Chief Operations Officer, CooperVision. “Everyone benefits – our employees, our customers, our business, and our planet. By sharing our progress, we hope that others are inspired to consider how their efforts might make an even greater impact.”

The new CooperVision report – which the company rolled out to employees earlier this summer – cites various measures and accomplishments from its manufacturing and distribution facilities, including:

  • 99 percent of plastics used in production, representing tens of millions of pounds, are repurposed into new products such as traffic cones and molded chairs.
  • Saving millions of gallons of water annually by reusing manufacturing process water in plant cooling towers.
  • Incorporating natural light and high-efficiency lighting systems into new and retrofitted buildings.
  • Developing site plans that promote mass transportation use, with up to 70% participation by employees at sites in Hungary and Costa Rica.
  • Sharing knowledge with fellow corporations, civic organizations and governments, garnering some of the highest environmental honors among Puerto Rico-based manufacturers.

The company anticipates updating the site periodically as its sustainability efforts continue.


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