Digital customer loyalty with Brix Focus

Bridge of Trust: Smart marketing for opticians

Smart direct marketing: The digital customer loyalty system “Brix Focus”, developed by Bridge of Trust Digital from Heidelberg for the optician industry, combines data collection on glasses and lenses with all information on better vision and promotions in the optician business.

Bridge of Trust opti 2024: Linsenmann und Stopp
Marco Linsenmann and Marie Stopp at the Bridge of Trust Digital stand at opti (Photo: Patricia Perlitschke)

Marco Linsenmann, founder and Managing Director of Bridge of Trust Digital, has already developed the concept for other sectors, such as beauty products and beverages. He has presented his smart customer loyalty system for the optical industry at the last opti in Munich.


Digital experiences for analogue products

‍The competition is lurking right next door, newsletters are losing their effectiveness, the multilingualism of customers is a growing challenge – and differentiation from the competition is becoming increasingly difficult anyway.

The targeted digitalisation of “Brix Focus” promises to never lose contact with the best customers again: it brings customers back to the optician’s shop with the digital spectacle passport, changing educational content and attractive events.

This is achieved by means of unique stickers for receipts or invoices, for the glasses booklet or in the glasses case. Also available for spectacle chains, pendants or integrated into the spectacle frame (NFC chip), there are numerous possibilities:

  • Active dialogue marketing without wastage (push and pull),
  • always in the customer’s correct national language,
  • constant access to all relevant glasses data and purchase information,
  • infotainment to inspire and retain customers over the long term and existing online content (website, social media) is seamlessly integrated.

‍The customer’s smartphone becomes a marketing tool for the optician. According to the company, no app, additional hardware or software is required.

“Brix Focus” presents the optician’s content on the customer’s smartphone; with store data and the look and feel of the shop. Existing content is linked (e.g. website, social media, appointment booking, customer portal). All content can be customised and expanded at any time, with changes even affecting stickers that have already been distributed.

Scan or click on the QR code and the design, links and content are customised to the issuing shop. Eyewear data can be maintained by the shop and the customer.

New customers become existing customers

Advantages for the specialist shop include More new customers remain existing customers, more sales per customer and stand out from the competition. And the customer always has optician contact and eyewear data to hand, including lost & found support and interactive information about the optician’s customised offers and 24/7 contact persons for all questions relating to optometry.

Bridge of Trust: making digitalisation easy

In the digital transformation, there is a huge variety of technologies that is almost impossible for product manufacturers and shops to master. Digital product enhancements and customer experiences, disruptive business models and innovative services require a high level of affinity and expertise in the technologies used. What is also required is the expertise to realise what is sensibly feasible and not to introduce technology for technology’s sake, says Marco Linsenmann, founder and Managing Director of Bridge of Trust Digital.

Bridge of Trust Digital: Brix Focus Sticker opti 2024
Brix Focus: QR code sticker in the glasses case and thus all data on the mobile phone (Photo: Patricia Perlitschke)

It is no coincidence that the Old Bridge at the company headquarters in Heidelberg was the inspiration for the company’s logo, as the credo of Bridge of Trust Digital is: “We build bridges and thus ensure growth, efficiency and future security through innovation and trust.”


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