New models of Black Label

Vava Eyewear: Architecture and Industrial Design

Vava Eyewear is very much inspired by Architecture and Industrial Design. There is a strong interplay between the design elements involved in architecture / industrial design and Vava designs. Now the label presents new models – both frames and sunglasses – from the Black Label for the upcoming fall season.

Vava Eyewear: Black Label - AB 1082
Vava Eyewear: Black Label – AB 1082

„We are also inspired by minimalism in art (as well as in fashion). Basic and simple shapes such as squares and rectangles, the most common shapes in the industrial world, stimulate our vision in design. Much of the man-made world is composed of these shapes. Ours is a minimalistic imaginary resulting from the aesthetic procedure of removal of gender and emotion.“


Vava’s glasses have a sophisticated, contemporaneous and urban look. They are relaxed, subtly futuristic, conceptual and timeless and they are based in three principals: function, concept, design.

White and Black Label

Vava imagines a future between two contrasting extremes, black and white. White future is simplicity, cleanness and purity. Black future is darkness, decay and underground. To represent this contrasted vision, Vava Eyewear has developed the White and Black Labels.

Therefore the White Label is a more classical line and the Black Label more disruptive, being both lines avant-garde.

Models from the Black Label are made in eco–friendly acetate. „We pride ourselves on the high recyclability and biodegradability of the acetate line, we are committed to an end-to-end life cycle management approach.“

Vava Eyewear - Black Label: AB 1020
Vava Eyewear – Black Label: AB 1020

The frame of the glasses is made of cellulose acetate material from the Italian brand Mazzuchelli. Vava is using their new and exclusive „eco-friendly“ line M49, a type of cellulose acetate produced from cotton and wood-pulp fibers manufactured under a new formulation using substances from renewable sources. All the aesthetical and performance characteristics of the traditional acetate are preserved.

And Vava Eyewear uses exclusively Barberini lenses across all sunglasses in the Black Label.


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