Trade fair for sustainable fashion: Neonyt in Berlin

Sunglasses from red wine barrels and fishing boats

With the Phee Collection made of sea grass, Zylo Eyewear from Greece has already produced sunglasses from an unusual material. Meanwhile, the company, which has a penchant for wooden glasses, also uses wood from old fishing boats or red wine barrels.

Zylo Eyewear - Nohma Collection
Nohma Limited  (Photo: Zylo Eyewear)

There are times when a simple morning thought is enough to change everything you take for granted. The way you live your life, your work, the way you perceive things, etc.


The makers of Zylo Eyewear were lucky enough to experience such a morning. Since then it has been clear to Eleni Vakondiou and Periklis Therrios that they would make wooden glasses in the future. They began with the handling and shaping of wood in different ways and learned new techniques and procedures.

Zylo Eyewear - Nohma - Sonnenbrillen aus Rotweinfässern
Nohma (Zylo)

“We studied the behaviour of wood by starting with small handmade artefacts and simple constructions. So we spent two and a half years of creative activity.”

Since then, the two Greeks on the island of Syros, in the centre of the Aegean Sea, have incorporated the feeling and atmosphere of their homeland into the design of their sunglasses. The sun, the sea, the beaches – they are supposed to be there.

Zylo Eyewear - Gregos Collection
Wood of old fishing boats are used for the Gregos Collection (Zylo Eyewear)

It is very important to both of them to respect and protect nature. Sustainable materials are therefore a must. Thus, eyeglass collections were created from seaweed waste from the Greek beaches (Phee Collection), or models from the wood of an old fishing boat (Gregos) or from red wine barrels of the wineries of Palyvos in Nemea (Nohma Limited Edition) and much more.

Sunglasses at Fashion Fair

Zylo Eyewear - Gregos - Sonnenbrillen aus Fischerbooten
Gregos sunglasses (Zylo)

Of course, it is a good idea to present the sustainable products to the interested public in a suitable setting, such as at Neonyt, a trade fair for sustainable fashion, which takes place in Berlin from 15 to 17 January.




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