To the 20th anniversary of the danish label

Orgreen presents the new Quantum Collection

Orgreen Optics introduces a new functionality and a new choice of material in a collection that coincides with their 20th anniversary: the Quantum Collection.

orgreen optics presents the new quantum collection


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Orgreen Optics. An upscale eyewear brand with a signature streamlined aesthetic that continues to conquer new grounds. The launch of their newest collection, Quantum, captures Orgreen’s forward-thinking ethos – with their new technology, use of material and over 120 compelling colour combinations.

The Latin word for „amount”, Quantum, has its roots in physics and refers to the smallest possible discrete entity of any physical property. The creative minds behind Orgreen have invented their own version of the smallest discrete entity. Determined to eliminate the extraneous in search of the essence, they devised a spherical component for a new hinge that’s hidden, in keeping with their clean, uncluttered style.

Hidden in plain sight

For Orgreen’s Head of Design, Tobias Wandrup, the sphere was a breakthrough. „With eyewear, the fewer the parts, the better. But the more you want to simplify a frame, the more difficult it is to achieve. In the process of re-thinking the hinge mechanism, we came up with the idea of using a sphere. The sphere allowed us to design the hinge so it’s hidden in plain sight. It’s inserted in the front of the frame and has the same colour as the temple. So we show a hint of something, but not everything. The sphere keeps the frame light and makes it easy to adjust the frame inclination for the optimal fit. It also stays true to our brand. Simple shapes, subtle details and discrete functionality.”

There’s an extra piece to the puzzle which Orgreen actually calls the „puzzle piece”. It’s the secret that cleverly secures the sphere in place. As Founder Henrik Ørgreen explains it: „With Quantum, not only did we devise this new hinge mechanism, the way we mount it is also unusual. We customised a unique piece mounted where the lens fits in. By pressing the lens into position, we secure both the sphere and the puzzle piece in place. Something so complex is now so simple.”

New choice of material

Orgreen is famed for their use of Titanium and Beta-Titanium. High-end, precious metals ideal for Orgreen’s impeccable handcraftsmanship that takes place in Japan. However faced with the need for a precision fit for the puzzle piece, Orgreen found the solution in Polyamide.

„Like Titanium, Polyamide is ultra light and comfortable, strong yet flexible with shape memory”, says Tobias. „For our Quantum frames, Polyamide has the extra advantage of small enough tolerances for our new hinge mechanism. We work with the leading factory in the world. As far as we know, we’re the first in the industry to use the more advanced Polyamide version 2.0. So we’re really on the cusp of a new movement.”

Over 120 compelling colour combinations

The Quantum Collection features an amazing array of vivid hues, such as electric blue, petroleum green and vibrant violet, as well as muted tones like taupe and grey. It’s all there in a broad spectrum of new round and Panto shapes, including some of Orgreen’s popular rectangular and square frames. Male, female and unisex styles appealing to design-conscious consumers around the globe.

„The Quantum Collection is the culmination of our work exploring, experimenting and our extensive finetuning”, says Henrik. „It reflects our pioneering spirit and on-going pursuit of new ideas. Quantum is a radical move forward, paving the path for even more innovations from us in the future.”


Source: Orgreen Optics

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