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Kilsgaard Eyewear joins Design Eyewear Group

(Aarhus) In 2008 Kilsgaard Eyewear was established by Jacob Kilsgaard, who quickly made his personal mark on the design of eyewear. At the opti show in Munich last weekend Kilsgaard Eyewear announced that they join Design Eyewear Group.

DesignEyewearGroup_Jacob Kilsgaard_Lars Flyvholm
Jacob Kilsgaard and Lars Flyvholm

”The Kilsgaard brand has an elegant, minimalistic and innovative expression and is a perfect match to the brand portfolio of Design Eyewear Group”, explains Lars Flyvholm, CEO of Design Eyewear Group. ”I look forward to presenting the new cooperation after this weekend at the Opti Show in Munich at the Vision Expo East in New York in March”.


”Kilsgaard Eyewear will right away benefit from our strength in sales and distribution, while we clearly will benefit from their straight forward business model and their strong relations to the fashion scene”, elaborates Flyvholm. ”We wish to preserve the individuality of the Kilsgaard brand, as we do with our other brands. This way we can support the unique business of our customers, by presenting a lineup of strong quality brands to choose from”.

”Jacob Kilsgaard will be associated as creative consultant for Design Eyewear Group, where he will supervise design and brand development. The close relation to Jacob will ensure the future development of the brand”, underlines Flyvholm.

Kilsgaard: Model Bates (© Gianni Pisanu)

Design Eyewear Group emerged from three design companies: the Danish ProDesign and Inface and the French Face à Face. The strategy is to develop and market a portfolio of individual designer brands to customers worldwide. Design Eyewear Group is a significant supplier on the European and North American markets, where the eyewear of the Group is retailed by both chain optical stores and individual opticians.

Kilsgaard: Model Coronado (© Gianni Pisanu)


Short facts Design Eyewear Group:

The Group has a turnover of +400 mill DKK p.a., + 200 Employees. Headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark and offices in Paris and San Francisco. The current brands of the Group are:

  • ProDesign: Contemporary Scandinavian design in optical frames and sunglasses. Developed with special attention to functionality, comfort and individual style.
  • InFace: Based on Danish design traditions, InFace picks up the trends in fashion. The complete collection for men and women, is a fashionable yet affordable, everyday luxury
  • WOOW: Always colorful, bold and expressive, a happy mix of the Paris flair and the London beat. Designed in Paris by the French design team.
  • Face à Face: French and fabulous, designed to be exquisite and expressive. Face à Face plays with volume, shapes, combination of colors and materials, inspired by modern art, design and architecture.
  • Kilsgaard Eyewear: Honest, elegant, Danish and minimalistic. Finest quality in every detail.



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