No Bullying with flat mirror lenses

Khloe Kardashian in Sama Eyewear

Alone in her car, Khloé listens to a soothing podcast filled with positive and calming affirmations. As a woman’s quiet voice tells Khloé to be “firm” yet “calm” when expressing anger to others, Khloé literally cackles. This episode features Khloe Kardashian in Sama Eyewear „No Bullying“ sunglasses with flat Mirror lenses.

Sama Eyewear: Khloé Kardashian


Even though she clearly can’t take the podcast seriously, Khloé thinks she might as well call Kim to apologize for the outbursts in her closet. When Khloé calls Kim, Kim answers, but she doesn’t sound happy. Kim does confess to avoiding Khloé recently, because she doesn’t know when her sister will pop off on her. Khloé apologizes, but Kim doesn’t take it to heart. She tells Khloé to call her back when she’s capable of being a “decent human being” instead of a “cunt,” lets out a powerful “OKKKKRRRR!” and hangs up the phone. This scene (video on vimeo)was filmed on June 21, 2017.

Sama Eyewear: No Bullying


Source: Sama Eyewear


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