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Gold & Wood: Alain Miklitarian is new Artistic Director

In 2017, the Luxembourg based brand Gold & Wood has had a tremendous growth period both domestically and internationally. It’s founder, Maurice Leonard, has a desire to capture the momentum and change the trajectory for the brand. Achieving instant credibility and global authority, he has joined forces with the presence of the designer Alain Miklitarian, creator of eyeglasses and international brand Alain Mikli to join the team.

Gold & Wood: Alain Miklitarian
Gold & Wood: new Artistic Director Alain Miklitarian

Alain Miklitarian will take up the position of Artistic Director commencing during the Silmo Fair, in Paris October 2017. Innovative design and state-of-the-art technology combines with noble and precious materials will be at the heart of the development of Gold & Wood. Silmo will be a unique opportunity to discover the new tandem and the new collection.


Challenge of the material

Alain Miklitarian is inspired by the challenge of the material. Having 12 exotic and rare woods from around the world to work with. In recent releases, the Gold & Wood collection has combined different material such as Silk, Carbon Fiber, and Japanese titanium with its noble wood material.

Gold & Wood: Maurice Leonard
Maurice Leonard

“Our industry is craving creativity, something unique yet wearable, luxurious designs with noble material inspired by genius, I cannot wait to see ” says Maurice Leonard. “Alain is not looking to change our DNA, just enhance the experience, keeping the same spirit that Gold & Wood has maintained for over 25 years, this is a very exciting and promising time for our company.”



Source: Gold & Wood

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