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Gigi Studios is replacing Gigi Barcelona

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Gigi Studios: new brand name for a stronger brand

With a more global outlook and closely linked to design and creation: Gigi Studios is replacing the previous brand name, Gigi Barcelona. The rebranding was announced to all the brand’s distributors and agents by Patricia Ramo, the company’s CEO, at the opening of the Global Sales Meeting 2019 at the end of August in Barcelona.

“This rebranding is a well-thought out decision that has been considered over the past two years and now is the perfect time for it to take place as the brand is experiencing a very important expansion process at present”, Patricia Ramo explained, while detailing the communication and marketing strategy that this new name involves.


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Gigi Studios is replacing Gigi Barcelona

The company continues to be linked to the city of Barcelona, where the collections continue to be created and where the brand’s offices are located. Just the name of the city has disappeared from the brand, “as it does not bring any added value and it is already being used by other brands”, Ramo explains.

Gigi Studios refers to values linked to design and it has a global scale, more in line with the evolution and scope of the brand that is now present in over 50 countries and that wants to become a leader in the eyewear industry.


About Gigi Studios

Gigi Studios is an independent brand that is linked to creativity and is deep-rooted in art and culture. Fashion, quality and design are the brand’s main distinguishing marks. The Ramo family has a lot of experience in the field, with over 50 years in the optical sector.


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