Two new exhibit areas: Timeless and Spring

DaTE gets more exclusive

For the second year in a row, the Leopolda di Firenze will host DaTE, now in its 6th edition. The event, dedicated to avant-garde eyewear, will take place in September 22-24, 2018 and this year it adds two new exhibit areas: Timeless and Spring.

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Timeless is designed for those businesses whose collections are focused on timeless shapes, symbolic of a kind of modernity that has its roots in the past but keeps a watchful eye on the future. Spring, instead, will be staged in the Alcatraz area and will welcome, among others, a selected group of about 20 innovative businesses that are making their debut at the show or are returning to DaTE with new formats, featuring fun, minimal pop-up stands.

The other exhibit areas stay the same – Luxury, for collections from the more luxury-oriented and exclusive brands; Millennials, dedicated to the younger brands that dictate new streetstyle trends; Icons, the hub for products from the most well-known avant-garde designers who are consistently a source of inspiration for the entire industry; and Balcony, for companies with projects in line with the DaTE philosophy.

Selected group of companies

A highly selected group of companies from around the world will be showcasing their innovative, unique collections: the USA, Japan, Austria, Denmark, the UK, Spain, France and Italy, to name just a few of the countries represented.

Among the trends one can expect to see at DaTE are retro shapes inspired by the 1950s, 24 karat gold jewelry-eyewear, Hollywood-inspired styles and artisan-crafted products designed to play up the expressivity of the eyes.

Passion and creativity fill the air at DaTE, along with the artistic and cultural enchantment that only Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, for centuries center of innovation and avant-garde craftmanship, knows how to inspire. This year, some members of the German-speaking foreign press and some from Scandinavian countries will be on hand, proof of the increasingly international reach of this event.

Access to DaTE – open only to industry professionals and the press – is free, but everyone must register in advance at:, by completing the form on the homepage. DaTE is open from 10am to 7pm on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September, and from 10am to 5pm on Monday 24th September.


The official hashtags are #dateyewear2018 and #shapingavantgarde


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