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Knock, Knock… Kool and Klassy Kreations Are Here!

Robert La Roche - die neue KollektionKnow what? K Collection comes along with a handpicked choice of new frames to comfortably wrap you up in our high-end acetate. Meet Koko right after dawn and let her underline your radiant personality with her dashing sophisticated shape. After dusk, Karl is eager to join you, adding his one of a kind touch all night long.

Kashmir and Kiwi complete the perfect double date, and have brought something special along with them: a series of clip-on flips for our acetate bestsellers to make our optical frames more versatile than ever! Crafted by hand from 100% Italian acetate, those new shapes dare you to desire them.

Our Japanese full titanium models will be expanded by two raw pieces, Kris and Koi.

100% Japanese titanium frames, crafted by hand and unbelievably light, they are the epitome of precision. Unrivaled contours mingle with a bold feel and entice you to flaunt your nature and intensity. Subtle details like double rims, contrasted colours as well as titanium nosepads enhance the personage of the Titanium Collection.

These styles embody everything we strive to create—depth, contrasts, edges, facets—nothing is hidden. Come take a closer look, you might just love what you see.

Meet Robert La Roche at opti 2019 in Hall C2 on booth 534.

Founded in 1973, the brand of Robert La Roche has held a pioneering position in the eyewear industry. After relaunching in 2014, we are more determined than ever to set a new and radical standard for what eyewear can be. We also aim to show what a small group of people can do with a raw creative vision and a constantly growing zest for innovative expression.


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